What is new on the hop extraction?

What is new on the hop extraction?

Vanesa Sanz, Ma Dolores Torres, José M. López Vilariño, Herminia Domínguez

Trends in Food Science & Technology. Volume 93, November 2019, Pages 12-22. DOI: 10.1016/j.tifs.2019.08.018

Authors from Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Science, of University Vigo and R&D Department, Hijos de Rivera corporatioin, present this review about the trends in hops extraction technologies. Showing the progressive changes of conventional solvents by assisting with intensified technologies and especially by using greener solvents.


Background: Hops are mostly processed for the extraction of compounds conferring aroma and bitterness to beer. A more controllable addition of these properties can be achieved when solvent hop extracts are produced and added in the desired brewing stage.

Scope and approach: This review presents a survey on the research and patents on emerging extraction technologies and the importance of the solvent and operational conditions on the composition of hop extracts, destined for the brewing industry, but also for the production of novel ingredients with potential for nutraceuticals.

Key findings and conclusions: For the preparation of extracts, the efficiency of conventional solvents has been progressively improved by the assistance with intensified technologies and particularly by the use of greener solvents, a trend where this industry has been pioneer. The design of multistage multiproduct processes for the integral utilization of hops following a biorefinery approach is also addressed.

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